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Must Do
Indianapolis Monthly
According to Indianapolis Monthly Magazine August 2010 issue, Zaharakos is No. 1 on the list of 50 things every Hoosier must do.

The article states: Sit at the Counter at Zaharakos. At this 110-year old marble palace, the sundaes are hand-dipped and cherry-topped. But what makes this Columbus institution really sweet is the counter-side charm of Wilma Hare and her fellow soda jerks, who will pull you an ice cream soda the way it was in 1900 and serve it with a side of sass: “When that ice cream hits the carbonation, it will explode like a volcano. And I will laugh at the look of panic on your face.” All you need to do is poke the paper straw through the layers of fizz and cream and, quickly now, start slurping!

Best of the Midwest
Midwest Living
Zaharakos featured in TRAVEL Best of the Midwest 2015 from the Editors of Midwest Living magazine

Thank you to the editors of Midwest Living magazine for calling Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and Museum a "restaurant we love" in their 2015 Best of the Midwest Travel issue. This issue ranks Columbus as one of the top summer getaways. Pick up your copy to read about Columbus and the top picks for 17 states.

National Geographic
National Geographic
Zaharakos Designated Dream Drive in Indiana 

The National Geographic Traveler April/May 2018 issue hails Zaharakos as one of the amazing escape destinations while taking a dream drive in Indiana. The article (page 60) reads: Family Fun Loop, Indianapolis-Columbus-Bloomington-Indianapolis. The Hoosier State's heart ticks at all the right family-vacation boxes: three children's museums; summer horseback riding at Brown County State Park; and the five-scoop, shareable Big "Z" sundaes at Columbus' Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and Museum. Start and end the 133-mile loop at downtown Indy's White River State Park, home to the Indianapolis Zoo. Thank you, National Geographic!

Mechanical Music
Mechanical Music
Mechanical Music Press

The Zaharakos' Welte Orchestrion is featured on the cover of this issue of Mechanical Music Press. The caption with the photo inside the publication reads: Figure 22. Welte Style 3 Cottage Orchestrion in Zaharakos Confectionery, Columbus, Indiana, USA. This instrument is the last Welte orchestrion to remain in its original commercial location. It was built in 1908, has the full automatic rewind roll frame and is electrically powered. The clock is not original to the case.  

Indiana Bicentennial
Bucket List
Bicentennial Bucket List

Zaharakos is featured on the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites Bicentennial Bucket List. This list includes 200 of the most definitively Hoosier things to do in Indiana. "Eat homemade ice cream at Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor and Museum in Columbus – Bartholomew County."

CBS Sunday Morning
CBS Sunday Morning
Charles Osgood, anchor of CBS Sunday Morning, made Zaharakos his first stop in Columbus, IN.

Owner Tony Moravec provided Mr. Osgood and his crew a home base from which to work while filming the introduction and in-betweens for the CBS Sunday Morning program to air on May 22, 2011.

Mr. Osgood was very gracious and accommodating. He reflected upon his time spent as a soda jerk in his younger days. And when it came time to film a segment, he pulled a Green River from the 1904 Onyx Soda Fountain as he created transitions for the show. In his generosity, Mr. Osgood provided Tony a signed autograph stating, "Tony, You and your soda fountains - ice cream parlor are pure magic! Love the music machines!"

Our sincerest thanks to CBS and the Sunday Morning crew for their time and attention to Columbus and Zaharakos.

Indiana Bicentennial
Designated Hot Spot
Zaharakos Designated Hot Spot in Indiana

The 2017 Group Tour Indiana Travel Guide has named Zaharakos as one of the top designated hot spots to visit in Indiana. Thank you, Group Tour Media! The article reads: Zaharakos. This fully restored ice cream parlor dates to 1900. But Zaharakos offers more than sweet creamy treats. Along with a full lunch and dinner menu, groups can enjoy the adjacent museum and the owner's collection of self-playing musical contraptions and antique soda fountains.

Thrill List
Best Ice Cream Shop selected Zaharakos as The Best Ice Cream Shop in the state of Indiana

Three Greek brothers opened Zaharakos at the turn of the century. The 19th century. Yes, Zaharakos has been giving Columbus its sweets fix nearly continuously for 117 years. Sadly, there was a brief closure in the 2000s when the last remaining descendant (running the establishment) passed away, but a local businessman took over and preserved one of the most singular experiences for any American who cares about ice cream, history, or (hopefully) both. The homemade sodas and sundaes taste like a simpler time, though some of that could come from the fact that it feels like you’re eating in an ice cream museum, with much of the shop’s original fixtures in decor still intact. Oh, and if you want to go to an ACTUAL ice cream museum, they now operate one on the second floor with stuff like soda fountains that predate the civil war. -- ML

My Indiana Home
Fizzy Business
Zaharakos featured in my Indiana Home

Thank you to the editor of "my Indiana Home" magazine for the exemplary coverage of Zaharakos. To read the complete article visit:

My Indiana Home is produced for Indiana Farm Bureau members.

Spoon University
Brownie Sundae
Spoon University Names Zaharakos Best Ice Cream Dessert in the State

by Erin Newsome. Nothing hits the spot quite like brownies with ice cream, and Zaharakos in Columbus kills it in that department. The Brownie Sun(bae) is two scoops of vanilla ice cream on a warm, homemade chocolate chip brownie, covered in hot fudge and whipped cream. Yas please. In case that wasn’t enough you get to eat it in the cutest old-fashioned ice cream parlor.

Indianapolis Monthly
Indianapolis Monthly
Stop In at Zaharakos

According to the September 2012 issue of Indianapolis Monthly magazine, a trip to Columbus would not be complete without a stop at Zaharakos.

Home & Away
Home & Away
Home & Away September/October 2012

by Amy Lynch. The sundaes arrive at our table looking like something out of another era, in tall curvy glass dishes with long spoons, whipped cream and cherries on top. There's even a small boat of extra hot fudge on the side. The root beer float is similarly old-fashioned, right down to the house-made syrup and paper straw. Everything tastes as it looks: delicious.

Read the entire article by clicking on the link...

Home & Away article

Columbus, Ind.: A Midwestern Mecca Of Architecture

by Susan Stamberg. Tourists may come to Columbus for modern architecture, but they can't leave without stopping at Zaharakos.

The Republic
Everything Old is New Again

coverage from The Repubic Newspaper in Columbus, Indiana

The Republic articles PDF

New York Post
No One Suits Up for Christmas Quite Like Zaharakos

…is the beautifully restored, circa-1900 ice-cream parlor Zaharakos, whose Victorian flourishes look even more fanciful dolled up in garland and red ribbon.

New York Post article