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Mechanical Music Instruments

Rare, elegant and fully restored for your listening pleasure


The Welte Orchestrion in its original commercial location in the Zaharakos dining room since 1908.

Welte Orchestrion

Circa 1908

This self-playing organ is designed to sound like an orchestra as it plays music from punched rolls of paper. When a roll is unwound by the orchestrion’s motor, the small, precisely placed holes in the paper direct airflow through different tubes to play 184 pipes of wood, tin and brass—plus several drums and a triangle. The sound is magnificent and the experience is unforgettable. Welte (WELL-tee) Style 3 Cottage Orchestrion from M. Welte & Sons in Freiburg, Germany.

Welte Restoration LISTEN to the Welte
banjo orchestra

David Ramey pictured here with owner, Mr. Tony Moravec

Banjo Orchestra

Circa 2013

Arrived at Zaharakos June 26, 2013, this replica was built by the D.C. Ramey Piano Company in Marysville, Ohio. Drop in a quarter to listen to one of the 180 songs. Then watch metal brackets play the strings of a real banjo, accompanied by the piano, snare drum, tambourine, triangle, wood block, castanets, bass drum, and cymbal.


Drop a quarter in to listen to the Seeburg Style L Coin Piano at Zaharakos.

Seeburg Style L Coin Piano

Circa 1925

This “nickelodeon” came out of Chicago during the “Roaring Twenties”. Located in Chicago, J. P. Seeburg Piano Company was the largest maker of American coin pianos and orchestrions. The Seeburg L or “Lilliputian” piano was the smallest coin piano made by Seeburg, first introduced in 1921.

Crystal Parlor

1800s Victorian Era Suite on the second floor

soda ftn library

The Crystal Parlor dining and sitting room

Crystal Parlor


Previously storage area, the second floor was transformed into a magnificient, Victorian-era suite. Named the Crystal Parlor, this elegant suite of rooms includes a formal dining area, sitting area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. From the gilded ceiling trim to the luxurious wall coverings, period lamps, and golden oak floor, every detail tells a story.

soda ftn library

The Crystal Parlor kitchen

Crystal Parlor


Adjacent to the Crystal Parlor dining room, this functional kitchen is used for events held in the dining room. See the second and third generation of Zaharako family members photo in the hallway.

soda ftn library

The Crystal Parlor bedroom

Crystal Parlor


Suite of period specific bedroom furniture, armoire, baby buggy and more.

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